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We're your dedicated partner on the path to a fulfilling career in IT or cybersecurity. From personalized guidance to interview mastery, we're with you every step of the way until you land the job you truly want.

Why Choose eStreetSecurity?


Free Guaranteed Placement:

Free until you're hired: Invest in your future with confidence - no upfront costs.


1-on-1 Mentorship:

Your dedicated personal guide throughout the program, equipped with deep industry knowledge and recruiting expertise.


Career Path Exploration:

Discover the vast array of IT and cybersecurity roles and identify the perfect fit for your skills and ambitions.


Resume & Opportunity Sourcing:

We optimize your resume and profile, and source opportunities by polishing your application materials to attract top employers. We'll help you uncover hidden vacancies, master networking strategies, and gain access to exclusive job opportunities.


Interview Fundamentals & Practice:

Develop a compelling elevator pitch, confidently answer behavioral questions, and ace technical assessments with intensive interview practice, including realistic mock sessions and personalized feedback.


Salary Negotiation:

We'll help you secure the best possible compensation package with expert negotiation tactics until you land a job you're truly excited about. Your success is our success.


Free 15-Day On-the-Job Support Trial:

This support is designed to ensure a smooth transition and set you up for long-term success. After the first two weeks this valuable support continues for a small monthly fee, ensuring you always have a helping hand as you build your cybersecurity career.

No matter your experience level—from novices to seasoned experts—we tailor our program to your unique needs and goals.

Enrollment & FeesJob Placement and On-the-Job Support
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The eStreetSecurity Process

  • Kickoff: Career Path Exploration - Discover the vast array of IT and cybersecurity roles and identify the perfect fit for your skills and ambitions.

  • Criminal Background Check - Complete a standard background check. Due to the sensitive nature of many cybersecurity roles, this step is essential for placement with our partner companies.

  • Week 1: Resume & Profile Optimization - Meet your dedicated career mentor, your primary point of contact throughout the eStreetSecurity program who is extensively trained in industry recruiting and hiring trends, and additionally benefit from collaborating with other experienced professionals at industry-leading organizations.

  • Week 2: Opportunity Sourcing - eStreetSecurity actively sources hidden job opportunities for you, teaches proven networking tactics, and helps you understand industry metrics to excel in interviews.

  • Weeks 3-5: Master Interviewing - Hone your elevator pitch, craft compelling answers to common questions, and learn behavioral interview techniques, all informed by our data-driven insights.

  • Weeks 6-7: Intensive Interview Prep - Participate in rigorous mock interviews with expert feedback to refine your skills and build confidence. Utilize weekly reflections with your mentor to analyze and improve your performance after real interviews.

  • Week 8: Salary Negotiation - Your mentor will leverage their expertise and our extensive network of associate professionals to help you secure the best possible salary, benefits, and opportunities with every job offer.

  • Week 10: On-the-Job Support - Receive a free 15-day trial of our On-the-Job Support program to ensure a seamless transition into your new role. After the trial period, continued on-the-job support is available for a small monthly fee, ensuring you always have expert assistance as you build your cybersecurity career.

We Succeed, When You thrive!


Partner Firms

We continuously expand our network of top-tier companies actively seeking cybersecurity experts.



Your success is our ultimate goal. Become the next to take your career to the next level.



Getting enrolled is the starting point to getting placed in your dream job.


Placement Rate

We mean business. When you enroll we'll get you a job.

Ready to Launch or Step up Your Cyber Security Career?

Your success is our top priority, and that's why our commitment extends beyond securing your ideal job. We recognize that transitioning into a new role, particularly in the demanding field of cybersecurity, can be overwhelming. Our personalized On-the-Job Support program is designed to empower you from day one. Through hands-on experience in realistic, cloud-based labs that mirror your company's specific cybersecurity infrastructure, you'll gain the confidence and skills to excel. Our expert mentors will guide you through your new responsibilities, ensuring you have the knowledge and resources to thrive and contribute effectively from day one, while minimizing any risk of missteps.

2024 Eligible Cybersecurity Roles for eStreetSecurity Placement

  • 1. AppSec Specialist

  • 2. Blue Team Specialist

  • 3. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

  • 4. Cloud Security Specialist

  • 5. Compliance Manager

  • 6. Cryptographer

  • 7. Cryptologist

  • 8. Cyber Policy Analyst

  • 9. Cyber Product Manager

  • 10. Cyber Researcher

  • 11. Cyber Sales Engineer

  • 12. Data Privacy Officer

  • 13. DevSecOps Engineer

  • 14. Forensic Analyst

  • 15. IAM (Identity and Access Management) Specialist

  • 16. Incident Responder

  • 17. ICS (Industrial Control Systems) Security Specialist

  • 18. IoT (Internet of Things) Security Specialist

  • 19. Malware Analyst

  • 20. Mobile Security Specialist

  • 21. Network Security Engineer

  • 22. Penetration Tester / Ethical Hacker

  • 23. Red Team Specialist

  • 24. Risk Manager

  • 25. Security Analyst

  • 26. Security Architect

  • 27. Security Auditor

  • 28. Security Awareness Trainer

  • 29. Security Consultant

  • 30. SOC (Security Operations Center) Analyst

  • 31. Security Trainer/Educator

  • 32. Threat Intelligence Analyst

  • 33. vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer)

  • 34. Vulnerability Analyst

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What Our Partner Companies Say About Us

We develop and deliver exactly what is needed to accomplish your goals within the time and budget constraints we agree upon.

No detours, no cost overruns, no excuses — just results.

Sylvain Piquet | Five Lives

We appreciate eStreetSecurity's commitment to diversity and inclusion. They helped us build a more diverse and talented cybersecurity team. The on-the-job support provided to our new hires has been instrumental in ensuring their success and fostering a sense of belonging within our organization.

Kaelea Cymone | Clerkenwell Health

The forensic analyst we hired through eStreetSecurity played a key role in an internal investigation. Their attention to detail and analytical skills were impressive, and the on-the-job mentorship they received helped them quickly adapt to our specific forensic tools and processes.

Justin Hartfield | Leva Clinic

We were looking for a compliance manager with experience in the healthcare industry. eStreetSecurity delivered the perfect candidate, whose expertise was further enhanced by the on-the-job support they received, ensuring a rapid understanding of our specific compliance requirements.

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